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Great News About Grant Money for Houses

Dear Prospective Resident,

We have some exciting and important news you need to know. This could really benefit you in planning your best year yet!

If your goal is to enjoy the benefits of home ownership, right now couldn’t be a better time to buy.

There are several types of Grant Money available right now to quickly get you into your home.

1) Our ” Work For Equity ™ “ (aka Work For Credit) down payment assistance plan.

2) Many City, County and States offer first time home buyer and other types of grants.

We have a lot to offer so please read all the way to the end for all the details. Keep in mind we can combine these and more to help you earn greater down payment credits.


Let’s begin with our in-house Work for Credits ™ Grant Program. This is easy, simple and you can get started right away.

Here’s how it works…

It’s a simple process to receive your grant. The amount of in-house grant credit available varies by property. You choose the level of work you are comfortable with and the grant is based on the amount of work you are willing to take on. Some properties need very little work while others need a lot.

1) From our inventory you choose the location, type of house, number of bedrooms, etc. If we do not currently have a house that fits your needs apply anyway and we will find one for you. Simply let us know the type of work you can do.

2) You inspect the house as much as you like.

3) Any items you do not wish to do will be spelled out in the agreement and we will get this work completed for you.

4) You must be 100% satisfied before any paperwork is signed. Read the agreement carefully and be sure you are ready, willing and able to get the work done.

5) Credits are granted to you at the beginning secured by a Promissory Note, Failure to complete the work means you will owe us the money to complete the agreed work. Once the work you agreed to is completed we inspect and if acceptable the note is marked ‘Satisfied’ and your grant is complete. This is all detailed in your agreement.

You’ve likely never heard of this exciting Street Smart opportunity for down payment assistance, but we look for ways to help people easily get into home ownership. Let’s face it, saving up for a down payment is tough these days and if you can use your skills, plus those of family members or friends to help, then it’s like the old days of a barn rising. Everyone pitches in a day, the job gets done and you get the grant.  We would spend the money to fix up the house anyway, so why not give it to you in exchange for the work?

This is part of our win-win philosophy to have long-term great clients.

Again, “ Work For Equity ” Grant credits can be earned for work as small as planting landscaping, minor painting or repairs, all the way up to finishing off a garage or a basement. You choose! The more you are willing to do the larger the grant credit can be.

To learn more about this great way to get an instant grant and get a home today click on ” contact us “ link at the bottom of this page and let’s get started. We’re happy to answer all your questions. You have no obligation to participate unless you feel this program is right for you.


The second type of grant money program is in the form of city, county and state grants. The money available for these varies. Qualifications vary from program to program as well. Some programs available today may be gone tomorrow. To stay up to date with this we work with mortgage professionals who are familiar with these various programs and can place you based on the qualification requirements of the available programs. Contact us at the link below for more information.

But It Doesn’t End There…

Other financing is available as well. There are all kinds of loan programs most people don’t know about that are available right now. Our friendly housing counselor will look at your credit and your situation as it stands now and match it with one of the programs available today.

But don’t worry… even if a traditional loan won’t work our company will finance you with enough down payment. With our “Lightning Fast Home Ownership™” program you can earn monthly credits towards your down payment, so combined with other credits you are a lot closer than you think.

Tax refunds are a good start. There are many sources of down payment. If you are like many people, you’re expecting a tax refund from the IRS. Investing in buying your own house couldn’t be a better place to put that money to work.

More take home pay. This is your chance to have a better life. Don’t forget another bonus when you buy a house, you also get tax deductions that lower your W-2 tax withholding and allow you higher take-home pay. Now is the time to consider your future and take action. Call us today to see if you qualify for the tax credit program.

Everyday we look to find ways to help you achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership. We are excited to have you as part of our program. Continue to read and learn about the membership program.


You may believe home ownership is not possible for you… that may be true if you were dealing with other companies, but we have many more options for people who want to own a home than just traditional financing. We are local Certified Affordable Housing Providers® and have much more to offer than traditional landlords or real estate agents.

Our Path To Home Ownership® Membership programs include:

– VIP Membership – Not ready for a home yet but want to get started on the path? Start as a VIP and build up your credits toward Silver or Gold level.

– Bronze Membership – Rent – even if you are starting with renting an apartment or house from us you are on our Path To Home Ownership®

– Silver Membership – Rent To Own* – Earn Monthly rent credits towards your down payment.

– Gold Membership – In-house (non-bank) financing* (Agreement For Deed) – With enough down payment you don’t have to worry about Banks – We’ll finance you!

– Platinum Membership – Bank Financing – FHA, VA and traditional (conventional) financing – we have the contacts to get you traditional financing based on your credit. Generally, our members grow to this level but some apply thinking they won’t get here for a while and with our unique plans we can actually help them get here faster.

You can begin your membership at any level and move up as you increase your credits toward home ownership. Apply for the Path To Home Ownership® and one of our friendly housing counselors will show which level Membership you qualify for.

You can enhance your membership credits in several ways including our “ Work For Credits™ ” Down Payment Assistance Grant Program (aka Work For Equity) – Most houses or apartments need some work. Agree to do some or all of any fix up work needed and earn Move In Fee, Option Fee or Down Payment assistance credits. Combining with your cash down could earn a higher membership level!

Credit and Restoration

Many seeking home ownership have less than perfect credit. The best credit scores get the lowest interest rate and in turn, lower monthly payments. Financial Fitness is the key. To help speed up your goal of home ownership you can enroll in a low cost Credit Restoration/Financial Fitness program provided by a non-profit organization. While results are not guaranteed we have seen great results for other members. Isn’t it worth a try?

Isn’t now the right time to get going?

No matter what your situation is – our trademarked and copyrighted exclusive plan may be right for you. We’re sure you’ll agree that our company offers more options than any other out there.

We’ve got the houses and the solutions to help you get it. Why wait? Call us today or go to the top of our home page and click “Apply Now”. This is a simple, no obligation questionnaire that we use to find out what you are looking for. One of our friendly housing counselors will call you when it’s convenient.

Or… Don’t delay… Call today!

To Your Success,

You local Certified Affordable Housing Provider® team

P.S. We pay referral fee grants too! I’ll bet a lot of your friends would love a house too. Remember to tell them about us. We’ll get them on our buyers list, find them a house and give you a down payment credit or send you a check. Free money just for letting others know about our great program you wisely found out about. Thanks again for your business!

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* Not all homes are available for all programs. Programs may vary and adjust according to state law.